Which is the level of public awareness on marine pollution?

New video on Artemis Eyes Channel!

(Youtube link: Marine Pollution Awareness- video)

In December 2015, an online survey was made public on the website; the survey was about public perception of marine pollution. The questions were few and simple: do you think that chemical pollution is an issue for aquatic environments? What about plastic pollution? And climate change? Do you consider noise pollution  a threat for aquatic ecosystems? The same questions were asked in the streets of Galway, in May 2016.

The results of this survey show that the level of public awareness is quite satisfying when it comes to chemical and plastic pollution, and also climate change seems to be now recognized by most people as an issue for aquatic ecosystems.

 But what about noise pollution?

Anthropogenic noise acts on a global scale, results from a variety of sources and produce several different effects on the aquatic fauna (and ultimately, on the human kind as well). However, public awareness around this particular and urgent environmental matter is very low, and surely it’s not in line with the level of knowledge achieved to date by scientists researching anthropogenic noise.


“Undersea noise pollution is like the death of a thousand cuts. Each sound in itself may not be a matter of critical concern, but taken all together, the noise from shipping,  seismic surveys and military activities are creating a totally different environment from what existed even 50 years ago” Sylvia Earle.

Do you want to learn more about anthropogenic noise?

Check  the Playlist “Noise Pollution” on the Artemis Eyes Project channel: Noise Pollution playlist

Please, like and share this playlist in order to help us raise awareness around this urgent environmental matter!

Stay tuned!



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