Land and sea, no matter where we are, are connected.

Any trash that is disposed of improperly can potentially enter the ocean or other waterways, and anyone who disposes of trash improperly can be a source of marine debris! Yes, even you!

Marine debris is one of the greatest threats our ocean faces (check our post Plastic pollution: a wave of plastic for more details about the extent and the effects of marine plastic pollution) but luckily it is an issue with which we can all play a part in the solution.

We all should be aware that plastics and plastic chemicals are ubiquitous, and we truly can’t eliminate all risks associated with plastics. But we can reduce them, and we can choose to support businesses and institutions that are attempting to do the same.

Plastic pollution can be reduced by using less plastics products and switching to alternatives.

Among the existing solutions recycling is one of the most convenient and easiest ways. As consumers, the recycling only requires one easy step of putting plastic wastes in right bins for disposal. Separating the plastic waste from other waste will prevent plastics to be land filled and will allow it to be recycled with other plastics of the same kind.

Source reduction (Reduce and Reuse) can occur by altering the design, manufacture, or use of plastic products and materials.
To be effective our actions should embrace the so called five R’s: ‘reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and redesign’.

On each Friday and over the last two months, on our Facebook page, we have published an advise on a simple, easy to implement but effective action for reducing our plastic footprint (haven’t you like it yet? Link here Artemis Eyes Project Facebook page).


These advises have now been collected altogether in a new video published on the Artemis Eyes Youtube channel. There would be many other actions that could be implemented, but already starting with these would make a huge difference!

Watch this video and try to implement these simple actions, it’s really not hard at all! You can make a huge difference, especially if a lot of us will do the same: help us sharing the voice! Share this video with your friends! 

(Link to the video on youtube: Simple Advises for Reducing our Littering Footprint)


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